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Alright, let’s roll! By now, I assume you have gone through the basics of the strategy (i.e. Budget planning, things to remember before doing a Startup, Time management, The key to keep in mind before doing a Startup, Success stories of some legendary entrepreneurs). If not, please visit these pages first.

Before you hire a new team member, you need to know these basics.

Table of content:

1. Qualifications
2. Experience
3. Ability to complete tasks
4. Criminal history check
5. His/Her expectations
6. Your expectations
7. Ability to work as a team member
8. Presence of mind
9. Creative thinking
10. Ability to work under pressure

So here are the top 10 points you need to remember before hiring any new member in your Startup. What does it mean, and how can it be achieved? What are the conditions and how to get him under your type of sky to see whether he’s worth it or not? Well, to find out, keep reading!
Let’s discuss it point by point.

1. Qualifications:

If you are hiring a person for accounting, he doesn’t have to be a P.hD. or something, you can just hire a guy with the appropriate qualifications you going to need for work. If you hire a guy with a higher degree for a simple job, he is going to ask for more money. Or he is going to leave the job because sooner or later, he is going to feel that he is not suitable for this job or his ego will not allow it.

And he must have a minimum level of qualification because you don’t wanna hire someone who does not know shit. Pay him good if he is good.

2. Experience:

For a Startup, you need to hire someone whose experience is in range 2-7 years for simple lengthy tasks. If you need someone for a bigger task, like CEO or other big profiles, the guy must be very experienced in that field else he is going to smoke up your money and you would never know.

3. Ability to perform tasks:

To know how capable your guy is, just ask him some out the box question or give him some timeframe to perform a certain task. The work should be impossible or nearly impossible.
Now 3 things can be seen for this type of situation
1. The person simply denies that it is impossible. if he does then this guy is of no use. Please kick him out of your property for god’s sake.
2. If he tries to perform it to a certain level, measure the amount of time taken and his ability to do the task. You can hire him with your sense of judgment whether he is suitable for this job or not.
3. This is a rare chance but it can perform the task, he is superhuman and you must not let him go. Give him a raise in salary offered previously if he denies.

4. Criminal history background check:

This is pretty obvious and you wouldn’t want me to tell you anything about it. It’s obvious that he should not be a murderer, fraud or thief.

5. His expectations:

Ask him genuinely what he wants from this company, what he wants to do or what are his goals in his life. Be a friend at this point because you don’t want him to tell lies. If his goals are bigger and he wants to learn something from you and your company then make sure you make the most out of him and he adds a valuable sum of work to the company.

6. Your expectations:

What do you expect from him and what can you get out of him in the meantime. You must be expecting the guy to work a lot for you but it is never going to work out for you. Be his friend and tell him what do you expect from him and what things you can do to make him stay at your organization.

7. Ability to work as a team member:

You can never know what is in his mind but you can always judge a person by his looks, personality, and attitude. If he is too shy or too open about things, there is a strong possibility that he will not work as a team member.
Judge his appearance, his way of talking before hiring him.

8. Presence of mind:

Ask him some random hypothetical questions at any random time and ask some personal questions. Try to ask him questions about something he doesn’t know. if he answers creatively with enthusiasm, HIRE HIM!

9. Ability to think creatively:

Can you stand on the wall of the roof and jump? yes? No? if he answers it like, yes, but you didn’t mention which side of the roof, HIRE HIM!

10. Ability to work under pressure:

Last but not least, by that test to analyze his ability to complete tasks, you can also measure what kind of personality this guy has. If he is a creative thinker but freaks out at this kind of situation, you can tell him to work on that. because not every day is going to be his first day and he has to learn if he can work under pressure.

So these are the top 10 points to remember before you hire any new team member. How many of them did you know? Do you have any queries? you can always ask me in the comments. Be creative and be thoughtful because not everyone you hire can make an impact on your business. Be smart and be safe. All the best!


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