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Let me answer some questions before we start on why should you chose Startup Maniacs to boost your first Startup!

  • Why this blog?
  • What can you possibly help me with?
  • Who are you?
  • Is it some money-grabbing scheme?

Okay! Let’s start now, without any further ado.

Why Startup maniacs?

Visiting too many Websites to find the perfect direction for your newly found business? I created this Blog to help all the newcomers who want to make a difference. I have covered almost every basic point to kick start your business.

What can you possibly help me with?

Well, if you are thinking that I can financially help you, I suggest you find another place to look for answers to this particular problem. I have spent most of the time working on and for new startups. Now I can say this proudly, “Yes, I am qualified enough to answer this kind of question with proper planning and strategy.” I will answer the most commonly asked questions on the internet like “how to do a startup?” and many more. So stay tuned to learn more.

Who are you?

I am a 22 years old guy from India. I have traveled to 6 countries to learn and worked in 8 startups. I am working on my 3 projects at this moment. I have had 2 success and 1 fail in the past. I like the idea of growing a company from scratch. Feel free to ask me questions about it, I am always here to answers your questions.

Is it some money-grabbing scheme?

Even if it was some money-grabbing scheme, do you think I or anyone would say YES? Well, this is not any money-grabbing scheme. Above all, Startup maniacs will never force someone to go for the services. Read our blogs and practice in real life. If you want to kick start your business with a preplanned strategy, I encourage you to write to me on my email or contact through the form. We will be glad to assist you and come up with a proper plan within a week.

Certainly, many webpages and blogs will talk about a lot of random stuff, while I, on Startup Maniacs, will keep these things divided into Basic, Intermediate and Expert levels for the reason that you should stick like glue to this Blog.

Furthermore, If you want to make a difference, you MUST read out our posts, and more importantly, you MUST do whatever it takes to keep things aligned. Therefore, we have this great section called Services to keep your energy level high because we will do all that ugly planning work for you to save your time and patience. Similarly, we have this another great section to keep your mental pressure low and morale boost high. Hence, check out all our posts and select which one is most suitable for you.

Check out our blog to grasp the related articles and material for your Startup.