How to sell your Product: From Idea to Product?

How to sell your product?

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Welcome to the new post. In this post we will talk about how can you sell your idea. In simple words, from idea to product and how to sell your product? I assume that you have been through this post on “Is your idea worth putting your hard work into?” Now if you feel that your idea is worth it, then you can proceed further. if no, then please read the post first.

Here goes the list:

Table of Content: How to sell your product?

  1. Think of your idea is worth it? / Proper Planning(Again, 3rd time on this blog)
  2. Company formation
  3. Patent your brand and product
  4. Idea Execution
  5. Customer service
  6. Making money

Alright, let me explain how can you execute this list: How to sell your product?

(1 )Think of your idea is worth it? / Proper Planning(Again, 3rd time on this blog):

Startup Maniacs

Startup Maniacs: How to sell your Product | Photo by Essentialiving on Unsplash

Why do I keep repeating this line every time? There must be something valid behind it if you still don’t understand why. My first idea for a startup was making youtube videos and monetize them. It wasn’t different from the other people who make videos and we started trying to be on the level of the guys we admired. To do so, we started making videos just like they did without proper planning. Of course, our videos failed because there was no coordination and there was no such great content. This is why I want you to think if it is the idea which is going to make a fortune for you.

(2)Company formation:

Hire people for your basic requirements because you are not going to make money on your first day. e.g. If your company is related to graphic designing, hire only 1 or 2 people at the beginning and hire a person with advanced marketing skills. You don’t have to hire a guy for unnecessary work(do it only when you have a decent amount of money in your pocket.)

Startup Maniacs

Startup Maniacs: How to sell your Product | Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

(3)Patent/Register your brand and product:

if your company makes something unique or something only you have invented. The go-ahead and file a patent and a trademark as soon as possible or someone else is going to take advantage of your research and hard work.

(4)Idea execution:

An idea can only work when it solves the problems of the people related to that community. Find your audience, target only related people, do some market research and properly execute your idea.

It may take a while but once you have made up your mind, nothing can stop you from doing that.

(5) Customer Service:

No matter what you do with your product, no matter how cheap or expensive it is, if your customer service is great, you’ll still make a hell lot of money.

Let me tell you a story about that. I have my own printing business. When I started selling products, I had to convince them that this product is not the best but it will never disappoint you. They put their trust in me and bought the product. Unfortunately, there were defects in the product, I apologized to them, asked them to have some patience and delivered the same product in just 2 days with a gift. Even if the product they bought was expensive and yet not up to the mark, they still kept buying from me. They were happy with me.

(6) Making Money:

This is the point where you start making money. Make a proper lineup of your idea to execution line up and start working on it.


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