How to do a Startup

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This blog is related to Startup, business strategies, creative problems, and their solutions. If you are doing your Startup, make sure you go through every point of this post. It will help you out.

Alright, before we start, let me clear some things first

Every person has a different angle on how they see this world.

Type -1

Some people see it as a big flashy company where they can find a job for themselves.


Whereas, some people see it as a great opportunity to start their own business because they find a lot of people who need a job.

If you are one of those second types of people, keep reading! This website is not suitable for the first type of people.

I believe you are the second kind of person. Let’s continue..!

How to do a Startup?

Great, Seems like you already have an idea to make it happen. Check out these useful steps to make your idea make its place in the real world! Before we continue, you must know that I am a professional and I applied all these ideas in my Startup(And trust me, it worked). Go through every point carefully and compare your idea with these points!

1. Is your idea worth it?

How to do a startup?

Is your idea worth it? – Startup Maniacs

Is your idea worth putting your hard-earned money on it? Every year millions of businesses start with a great entrepreneur spirit but in the end, they go straight into the gutter because of the lack of imagination and leadership.

Yes, the first point is depressing and you must be feeling like “is he trying to make me feel like a stupid?” Well, no! It’s just you should really give it a thought and move forward. If you feel like your idea is worth putting some hard work and money, then it is great, you already did 50% of work.

Many Startups fail because the leaders can’t think of the pros and cons! They are like “Okay, we started but we don’t know what to do next”. So it is really important to think twice because if it is what you are gonna work on for the next 1000 days. If you think that I’m trying to depress you then my friend, you are about to meet some arseholes and weird people! you are gonna make some really tough decisions because there is no way you gonna lose your money or time.

Again, give it another thought and think for the next 2 minutes, Is it worth it?

2. Think like a chess player!

How to do a startup?

Think like a chess player – Startup Maniacs

Yes, you gotta figure out your next 4 moves before you make your first move. Like when I started my Startup, I made a roadmap of my ideas! I figured out what I was gonna do in the next 2 weeks, next 2 months and the next 2 years.

My Startup is related to printing, so I made a road map i.e. “First, I gotta print some T-shirts and sell them online and offline to let people know that we exist! Once I have 500 customers, I can move to my next product and then own my selling platform”.

I spent some time on that and now I have enough to sell my products and design around the world”. So making a roadmap of your idea gives you hope and enthusiasm. Make a roadmap of your work and then move to the next point. Spend some time thinking about what you can do in the next 2 months.

3. Find the source of the budget!

How to do a startup?

Find the source of the budget  РStartup Maniacs

You gotta spend some cash to earn some cash! it is how it works. You have to spend some money and to spend that money, you gotta find that source. I can’t tell you with just a website on how to find that source. I am assuming that you have figured it out already.

If you are lucky, you’ll get some funds from your family, if not, you gotta find a co-operative bank to get a loan. Apply for a loan and wait for the good to happen. Till then you can do some groundwork. If you need help with how and where to get a loan, click on this link! My team will do thorough research and will get back to you in no time. And it’s completely free, you don’t have to spend a penny on it.

4. Make a budget plan

How to do a startup?

Make a budget plan – Startup Maniacs

When we start a Startup, we make this layout on how we gonna spend the money on the Startup! it’s pretty common, but you have to add 10% extra whenever you make a rough map of your funds.

e.g. If you are planning on spending 1000$ on your product, make it 1100$. Yes, this is how it works. You’ll have to spend a bit extra because you won’t know what’s gonna happen. It will give you a rough idea of your expenses and budget. And the best thing about this point is, If you wrote down 1100$ but you spent only 1000$, it will save you 100$ out of your budget, consider it as a victory.

5. Know your rivals

How to do a startup?

Know your rivals – Startup Maniacs

Your business is not new to the market unless you invent another crazy good thing. So before you step a foot into the market, do some market research. Like if you are willing to set up your Computer software store, do some research on your competitors on

How they sell their product what is their strategy to attract new customers?

How do they work?

How do they get material?

Who supplies them raw goods?

At what cost they buy their goods?

At what MRP they sell their product?

How many of them are in your area?

You need to work on these points a lot before you step a foot into the market! Skipping this step is always a blunder which you should always avoid. When I was researching about rivals I came up with this idea, I used to call them and ask if they could print two sets of t-shirts for me? One set was of 4 pieces and the other one was 500 pieces. It gave me an idea about their lowest cost of production and the highest cost of their retail price.

6. Target your audience

Startup maniacs


Every business needs customers! What if Apple loses all its a customer in a day? They’ll have to shut down the company the next day (Which is not going to happen).

So it is the next big thing to consider. Here is an example of how I targeted my audience. When I was thinking about printing T-shirts, I divided people into some categories! People who loved quotes, or people who loved superheroes, or people who loved smoking weed, etc. So I prepared a list of my products and my audience in no time. You need to find your audience first.

7. It’s time for social media marketing

Startup Manics

Social Media – Startup Maniacs

Prepare your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc profiles. Social media is your best friend when it comes to sell your products, trust me, trust them! These things will never let you down. Prepare a catchy and simple profile for your business and share it with your contact list and everyone else. Ask them to like and share your stuff.

8. Register your company(It should have been point 3)

Resister your country, logo, and everything else! It matters when it comes to selling your stuff unless you want the Income-tax department to sue your ass.

9. Create a catchy website

A website increases your chances of getting an order of 40%. A daily updated website along with social media increases your chances of getting an order by 70%. So make sure your website is catchy, effective, and simple.

10. Hire your employees

Startup Maniacs

Hire your employees – Startup Maniacs

It’s time to act like a Professional, Hire a team that meets your expectations! Don’t rush and let people come by to take your money and squish. Make sure you hire only the best people and show them glitters so that they don’t leave. They need to stay because if they leave, you’ll feel like you have lost a hand. Try to do multitasking as much as possible to save up some money because it is the time when you are going to spend money for some time without any expectations.

You are ready to step your first foot into the market When you are done with these steps, you are ready to take your next big step in the market. Again, I can’t tell you from this website that you’ll need a store or things like that but I assume that you have figured it out already.

11. Promotions

It’s time to spend some money. You can make promotions depending on your needs. Promotions can be as cheap as 1$ or expensive AF! Try to keep your campaign very creative and catchy because “People buy what they see” You can create promotions on social media or radio stations or websites or any other mediums you find suitable. Keep in mind that you need to cut the expenses as much as possible. It is really important, creates your campaigns wisely

12. SWOT Analysis

Before we start, consider this analysis the backbone of your Startup! This is one of the MUST do things. To know more about it, click here. I wish you all the best for your Startup! If you have any queries, contact us! My team is eager to help.