Know your target market

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Like every startup idea, the target audience also differs from a look-alike business model strategy. Let’s assume you have a startup(A) that provides IT and security services. There’s another startup(B) that focuses on software development. Both startup ideas look the same at first glance yet both have a different audience and market approach.

The startup A can approach bigger companies only where these companies believe their data is everything. On the other hand, Startup-B can focus small vendors and businesses too. So in a simple sentence, Know your market before you dive in. Continue Reading


First rule of Startup – Startup Maniacs


First Rule of Startup

What is the first rule of any Startup? Have you asked someone or yourself? When I started my new business, I always used to think about how these billion dollars companies were formed. This made me look for the same random stuff that we find anywhere on the internet. But keep that in mind, Once upon a time, all those companies were a new Startup.

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